Zach McGowan Biography

Zach McGowan is currently heating up both movie and TV screens.  Zach’s newest cinematic movie, “Imperfections”, was released in July 2017.  An intimate indie movie shot in Chicago, Zach plays a shady former boyfriend (Ray) of the main character.  Zach received consistently favorable reviews for his sizzling performance. 

On the small screen, Zach made his debut on USA Network’s intriguing new TV drama “Damnation” on December 28th. Zach plays Tennyson Duvall, a charming heir to a vast  industrial dynasty.  Season 1 is available on streaming services.

Looking forward to late 2018/early 2019, Zach is again gracing the big screen, having recently wrapped four new heart racing cinematic adventures; Universal’s Death Race: Beyond Anarchy (4th in the franchise installment, release date late 2018), American Brawler (release date late 2018), Scorpion King: Book of Souls (5th in the franchise installment, release date early 2019), and Robert the Bruce Zach (release date early 2019)!

Zach has an impressive 51 tv and movie credits to his name.  He has consistently worked with renowned actors, producers and directors. Born and raised in NY, Zach moved to Los Angeles in 2005 to dedicate himself to his work in film and television. His film credits include Imperfections, Friended to Death, Terminator Salvation, The Hunt for Eagle One, Crash Point, Seal Team Six, and Dracula.  Zach has also guest starred in several popular television series, including Lethal Weapon, Law and Order SVU, CSI Miami, UnReal, and Numb3rs.  Zach’s short film work includes leading roles in The 14th Morning, The Last Supper, Sadiq, and Darkstorm, among others

Zach made an unforgettable impression as the unpredictable, wild, and dangerous pirate Charles Vane on STARZ’s hit series, Black Sails.  Fans waited breathlessly for every episode. Vane’s hanging scene (S3 Ep9) crushed the hearts of millions of fans. So much so, that Black Sails creators had to address his on-screen death publicly. The Charles Vane character created by Zach is now legendary. 

He also played King Roan on The CW’s The 100.  Zach was introduced in S3 as a guest star and was then promoted to a regular cast member in S4. It appears that King Roan was killed at the end of S4 but fans are hopeful for his return in S5.  The 100 S1 was nominated for four Emmy awards and won two.

Zach was also a guest star in Marvel’s wildly popular Agent of Shields as The Superior in 2016.  Zach played a mysterious Russian terrorist Anton that was bent on eliminating the inhumans

Zach is also known for the sweet soul Jody on ShowTime’s exclusive series, Shameless for two seasons.  Jody Silverman is a man that Karen (regular cast member) meets at Sex Addicts Anonymous and later marries. 

Zach’s exuberant love of life, family, and acting is evident in Zach’s daily life and in his many accomplishments. Zach is married (Emily) and has two beautiful daughters. He is celebrated for his love and generosity toward his adoring, loyal global fan base. Zach has more television shows and movie projects in the works, and his fans are always so excited and impatient to see what he is up to next!